Type: Commercial
Location: Kelowna - Capri

New office space for a new preeminent medical facility specializing in optimizing skin health through medical science. Built from an empty 50 year old plus commercial building with emphasis on creating a modern, innovative, serene and inviting environment for their clients/patients

  • An open roof top space was re-designed to create a “Zen Garden”, which utilizes and optimizes the space and creates a beautiful and interesting focal point, which is enhanced by it’s natural light.
  • Core challenge was combining the strict medical guidelines with CSA standards while maintaining an environment that is stylish and classy providing a tranquil setting.
  • The CSA-Z-8000 required us to follow strict guidelines which many professionals and trades involved in this project were completely unaware of.
  • Due to the operating room located in the space, patient flow and simple room configurations had to be achieved for the best practical use of space but also following the specific medical guidelines.
  • Energy efficiency was of the utmost importance. Including: high efficient H-vac units, L.E.D. lighting all new double pane low E windows and installation of R24 insulation

2017 Tommie Award Winner Silver – Excellence in Innovative Construction/Architecture/Design